• Datsun 240Z | 260Z | 280Z Front Air Dam & Splitter Kit


    This is our take on a sleek front end that follows the lines of the car while giving it an understated aggressive look. This air dam & splitter kit is CNC cut all out of aluminum. Tired of flimsy and brittle air dams made from plastic or fiberglass? Time to upgrade to our aluminum setup. The splitter is made from 1/8" aluminum. The air dam and splitter dams are made from 1/16" aluminum which is very strong in itself. However after all the pieces are tied together and installed you are left with an very stout nose for your S30. This setup weighs less than 20 lbs. It will come will the hardware needed for installation as well as a piece of Trim-Lok bulb seal (60" long) that can be installed between the air dam and splitter. 

    We are currently producing the first run and it may take up to 4-6 weeks for your order to ship. We will work hard to try and make it sooner, thank you for your patience. We will also be adding an installation video in the near future, the plan is to have the video available before the kits start shipping.

    You may notice in the pictures there are 240Z turn signals installed in the air dam. This is an option, but we also offer the air dam without the cutouts for the turn signals if you wanted to go a different route or if you are installing this setup on a 280Z and want to retain the 280Z turns that are located in the grill area.

    Available in raw aluminum (pictured) or black powder coat.

    *** This is a large item to ship. We are doing our best to have shipping costs as low as possible, however in certain regions the website may not calculate enough to cover shipping costs. If there is a shipping calculation error Skillard will email you to make any adjustments that may be needed.