Braille Battery Box
Braille Battery Box
Braille Battery Box
Braille Battery Box
Braille Battery Box
Braille Battery Box



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These aluminum battery boxes are designed to snugly fit the Braille G30, ML30C and G20 Lithium Ion Batteries or the Braille B2015 and B3121 AGM Batteries.

Hardware is included to secure the top of the box to the lower half as well as rivets to secure the base to your vehicle.

Great for relocating your battery or mounting the smaller battery in the factory location.

Buying the battery and the box as a package deal is a great way to save money. The aluminum battery box will ship from Skillard and the battery itself will ship from Braille.

With the lithium ion G30 and G20 you will see the option for G30 With Charger and G20 With Charger, this adds $50 to the price of the battery but it includes the charger you will need to charge a lithium ion battery. We recommend that you choose to get the charger when you order the battery because you will need it if you don't already have one and they cost more when not purchased with a battery.

*There may be additional shipping charges on the batteries for international orders.

For more information about the batteries themselves please take a look at Braille's website For quick links to a specific battery, please see below.



G20 Green-Lite Lithium

G30 Green-Lite Lithium

Micro-Lite Lithium

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