• Datsun S30 240Z | 260Z | 280Z | Mill House Houston Gauge Pods


    Great news! Skillard has purchased the mold from MillHouse so that we can get more pods in stock. And now that shipment has arrived and are available for you to order  

    Need to install new gauges in your S30? Mill House Houston has designed and manufactured plastic gauge pods to fit aftermarket gauges in the S30 dash. When replacing the tach and speedo, these pods are made to work with the 4" Speed Hut gauges but may work with others that have yet to be tested. If you are installing 4.5" gauges instead, check out our Skillard aluminum brackets on our products page. The smaller pods are made to work with with the 2 5/8" Speed Hut gauges but have knockouts on the back of the pod pictured above to accommodate other sizes. Additional hardware and spacers may be needed to complete your installation but the pods really do a lot to clean up the look and ease of installing your new aftermarket gauges.

    *Gauges are not included