• Datsun 260Z | 280Z | Rear Tow Hooks


    These are CNC cut 3/16" steel with added gussets TIG welded in place. These are sold as a pair for both the driver and passenger side as well as individually in case you only want one. The hook hole ID is 2" and new 10mm bolts as well as washers are included to mount to the OEM bumper locations. These are available in raw steel (you will need to apply a finish to prevent rust) or in black powder coat. Since these mount in the same location as the factory bumper the bumper will need to be removed to mount the tow hooks. Removal of the rear bumper is not for road use. 

    The driver side tow hooks are the same on the late 1974 (check your car to make sure it has the offset bolt pattern seen in the pictures above) and 75-78, it is the passenger side that changes in 77. In 77-78 the bumper mounting holes on the passenger side are not staggered like they are on the earlier years, instead they are vertical to one another. See pictures above.

    Check out our video below pulling a 1976 280Z sideways with a come-a-long attached to the tow hook. These are not intended to drag a car sideways but wanted to share some of our testing.

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