• Datsun 240Z | 260Z | 280Z | Front Lip Splitter Type 1


    This is a front aero air splitter for the S30 chassis! It is designed to work with the type 1 air dam and it ties into the core support and cross member (it has also been used by many of our customers with the Xenon air dam). It comes with turnbuckles, brackets and other hardware needed to mount to the existing tow hook and front bumper mounting points on the S30Z. Made with 1/8" thick aluminum, it serves to increase handling and downforce on the front end of the car.  The splitter is now available in two versions, one that extends about 4 inches out from the lower edge of the front air dam and for a more subtle look the other version only extends about 2 inches, serving to slice the air just before it hits the front of the car (select the version in the drop down menu).  Air hitting the front of the car goes up and over, through the engine bay, and down and under the car.  The splitter BLOCKS that air from turning downward -- that downward moving air hitting the splitter helps add downward force to the front of the car, reducing front end lift and increasing front end traction, and results in LESS air going under the car, which helps with downforce as well.  The fact that the splitter extends back almost 3 feet resulting in a smooth front undercarriage also helps with the downforce equation (notice that almost all professional high-speed race cars have an underbody that is as smooth as possible and many even run front splitters). 

    *Chassis mounting points will slightly differ on the 240Z. See 2nd video for 240Z mounting points.

    *Turnbuckles included in kit B are now larger than shown in the installation video.

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