* If you do not see the "Group Buy" drop down option for a particular part that means that we are not currently running a group buy for that part. 

Why the "Group Buy" option?

In an effort to save auto enthusiasts money Skillard will be offering a Group Buy option. As many of you may know it is expensive to set up equipment to run parts. Therefore it is more cost effective to manufacture larger quantities of a part to dive down prices. However if the products don't sell right away you run into another very expensive problem, holding inventory. Many companies will custom make one part at a time or run large quantities and store inventory, but these companies also pass the cost on to the consumer. Skillard is trying to eliminate this by offering the Group Buy option so that as a community we can save money building the cars we love. 

How does the "Group Buy" option save me money?

The Group Buy option works by getting enthusiasts together to save money. When 5 or 10 or 20 individuals get together and decide to buy a product there is no need to add cost to store inventory because the product will ship out as soon as it is complete. Remember those expensive set-up costs? Costs will not be captured by one customer, but instead will be divided between all the members of the Group Buy. For example, if a part would sell for $100 but there is a $100 set-up fee, then one individual would pay $200 for that part. However if 10 individuals signed up for the Group Buy that $100 set-up fee would be divided between all 10 members and that part would cost $110 instead of the $200 if they bought it on their own.  

How does the "Group Buy" option work with Skillard?

If you choose "No" on the drop down options you will be charged a higher price but the parts will ship right away if they are in stock, if they are not in stock they will be manufactured regardless of whether or not a group buy quantity is met. If you select "yes" on the drop down options you will be part of a Group Buy, you will see the lower price in your shopping cart. 

When you checkout you will be charged for the Group Buy part(s) you have selected. The funds for those parts will be held in a market account with PayPal if that is the method you select, if you choose to pay by credit card the funds will be held in a market account with Stripe. Skillard will not withdrawal those funds unless the minimum Group Buy quantity is met. If the minimum Group Buy quantity is not met in the specified time frame (generally the time frame will be the 1st of the month to the last day of the month) then the complete amount for that Group Buy part (including shipping for that part) will be refunded to you. 

There will be a countdown in the item description to let you know how many more need to be purchased to initiate the process to manufacture the parts for the Group Buy. Once the Group Buy quantity is met there will still be time for others to join up until the last day of the month, after that an individual will need to sign up for the the next month's Group Buy. 

What can I do to make sure the "Group Buy" goes through? 

Skillard is very excited that you have a desire to purchase our products and save yourself and others in our community money. So the best thing you can do is share the product you are interested in with your friends via email, social media, verbally. Also share on the forums and clubs that you are a part of. 

How can I get more "Group Buy" deals like this?

Our goal is to expand our product selection among many different makes and models, so don't forget to share your product ideas with us and if we can take it from idea, design, and R&D to a successful Group Buy then we are happy to offer you a FREE part from that group buy. We want to make quality parts affordable for the auto enthusiast. What is your Skillard?