Custom Project Requests

Here at Skillard we want to help make the dream you have for your car become a reality. We also know that cost is important and we strive to make high quality parts at affordable prices. The way we do that is through lean manufacturing processes that enable us to make “custom” parts at non-custom prices. We create products that have demand for at least 15-20 customers so that the cost of design, programming, prototyping, and setups are divided into a production run rather than all into a one-off part. This can make a part cost $100 instead of $1000 or more.

We are continually adding new products to the website and love to hear your product ideas in the form below.

If you have an idea that is currently outside of our normal customer base (ie. a make or model that we don’t have parts for yet), please fill out the form below. We will likely need your help getting us connected to a customer base for the initial run. This is because you are already familiar with your specific car community and have connections that we may not have in car clubs, forums, or social media.

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