About Skillard

My name is Ben Lillard and like many stories I started Skillard out of my garage. I didn’t start out with a master plan to build and grow a business, I just love cars and have a passion to make new things. However, I have always been business minded and as the story goes, I made a thing and people wanted it… so I made more things. As I created more and more products I worked hard to be efficient and reinvest back into Skillard. In 2016 I left my job as a manager at a large sheet metal shop and used those skills to do Skillard full time. Skillard has continued to grow and that is in no small part due to a great customer base that believes in, and supports, what is happening at Skillard.

Currently I take care of the day-to-day operations and execute most of the design and fabricating. I have a few guys that do an amazing job helping with the maintenance and fabrication part time in the shop. Additionally my mom does a lot of the courier work for me so I can stay focused in the shop. My sister is also a big help with advertising, marketing, and the roll out of our new website. I am also truly blessed to have the support of my beautiful wife and two young daughters. We are continually working at quality growth that will best serve our customers and this automotive community we all love.

A little bit about our name; SKILLARD


Middle English skilien < Old Norse skilja to distinguishdivide, Old English scylian to separate, Gothic skiljabutcher, Lithuanian skélti to split


via Old French from Germanic -hard (literally: hardy, bold)

So the name Skillard actually means to distinguish or separate by doing something hard or bold. As it pertains to the auto industry, we are all trying to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. We do that by doing something bold to our vehicles (note: bold is not the same as flashy, bold can be very subtle.), or making upgrades that are very challenging or hard to accomplish. If someone comes up and asks you about your car, you are eager to tell them about all of your upgrades, modifications, and special touches that are unique to your car. This has a name… it’s called Skillard. What is your Skillard?