Skillard is located in Cottage Grove, Oregon. We design and fabricate prototype parts for the aftermarket auto industry. After the prototypes test out, we then have the parts manufactured by local businesses with high end CNC machinery. Since we are involved in the automotive community as a supplier and a customer, it is our dream to contribute high quality products to other enthusiasts to help bring their projects and dreams to reality. If you have a product that you need fabricated and it can also benefit others in the automotive community please contact us.   

A little bit about our name; SKILLARD

Middle English skilien Old Norse skilja to distinguish, divide, Old English scylian to separate, Gothic skiljabutcher, Lithuanian sk√©lti to split

via Old French from Germanic -hard (literally: hardy, bold)

So the name Skillard actually means to distinguish or separate by doing something hard or bold. As it pertains to the auto industry, we are all trying to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. We do that by doing something bold to our vehicles (note: Bold is not the same as flashy. Bold can be very subtle.), or making upgrades that are very challenging or hard to accomplish. If someone comes up and asks you about your car, you are eager to tell them about all of your upgrades, modifications, and special touches that are unique to your car. This has a name... It's called Skillard. What is your Skillard?